I am some sort of a fan of Eipix Entertainment, the creators of the game I’m recommending for download today, Off The Record: The Art of Deception. They are also behind the Sea of Lies series, so if have enjoyed playing it or Amaranthine Voyage – another creation of theirs – then you probably know already that you’re going to enjoy today’s game as well.

In Off The Record: The Art of Deception, the story goes like this: “A lost masterpiece has just resurfaced in Austria, and Lisa Steiner, the artist in charge of restoring it, won’t talk to anyone in the media… except you. But when you arrive to interview her, Lisa runs away without explanation. Now you must decipher the secret clues hidden in her paintings to track her down and get your story. Lisa’s life – and yours – may depend on it.”

This is a hidden object adventure game with amazing graphics and a great story, with twists and “Wow” moments awaiting you on the way. The hidden object scenes themselves are nice and pretty much straightforward, with silhouette and some morphing items mixed in between, while the mini games will keep you busy for a long time as they are nice, varied and challenging enough without being impossible.

You have customizable difficulty modes, achievements and extras in this Collector’s Edition that I am recommending today, so waste no time and head over to Big Fish Games and download Off The Record: The Art of Deception!