If magic is your thing, then you will certainly want to know more and eventually play Dangerous Games: Illusionist, a game that has just been launched on Big Fish Games by the creators of Punished Talents: Seven Muses and the European Mystery series. A good product with a lot of extras offered by the Collector’s Edition, so let’s check out all the details below!

In terms of story, here’s how things go in Dangerous Games: Illusionist: “The first annual Championship of Illusionists ended in tragedy. Twenty years later, the event is back, and you’ve been asked to write a story about it. It promises to be entertaining news… but things go straight to the front page when a mysterious red-masked man appears out of thin air to abduct the first contestant! Stranger still, the hotel owner claims the man died during the previous competition! Who is the mysterious Red Mask, and what does he want? You’ll have to unravel a series of strange and mysterious illusions to find out.”

The game is available on Big Fish Games right now and I honestly believe that it’s worth a look. And since a trailer is better than 1,000 images, here’s a short presentation of the game:

As you can see, the graphics are a strong point of the game, everything looking really amazing and staying true to the 1930s decade that the action is set in. You will also like a lot the hidden object scenes that are extremely varied: for example, you will have to create an interactive story in one scene, while in another you will use your magic wand to solve mini-puzzles and complete the game. Extremely interesting and captivating, just like the story!

And there are of course mini games to keep you busy and entertained, as well as a lot of extras since this is a Collector’s Edition game: achievements, collectables and other goodies that you will get with the game. So all in all, this should really be considered a must have game: click here to head over to Big Fish Games and download it!