Download This: European Mystery: The Face of Envy

Download This: European Mystery: The Face of Envy

Big Fish Games is challenging us today with an European Mystery and it’s going to be one that fans of the hidden object adventure genre will certainly enjoy completing! With a story that’s pretty interesting and doesn’t follow the classic “missing friend/wife/husband” pattern, European Mystery: The Face of Envy is the game to download this week for your ultimate enjoyment.

Here’s how the nice story of the game goes:

A series of robberies takes a deadly turn in European Mystery: The Face of Envy! You’ve been called out of retirement again by an old friend in Italy. Something very unusual is happening on the streets of Rome… Nobles are being robbed of their jewels in broad daylight and falling dangerously ill afterward. As you begin to investigate, you realize that the case is even stranger than you first thought – the villain takes on the physical traits of his victims right before your eyes! But who is he? And what is his mysterious plan? To find out, you’ll have to explore the sights of Rome and solve challenging puzzles in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

All in all, European Mystery: The Face of Envy is a flawlessly made game, with a lot to offer both visually (the graphics are really stunning) and from a gameplay perspective too, with each scene offering a lot of things to do. Add to that the nice story and some nice surprises, like the gift you’ll receive from the jeweler, and you get a really nice product overall.

So head over to Big Fish Games and download European Mystery: The Face of Envy. And if you have trouble beating the game, you can check out the blog walkthrough on their website!