Rush for Gold CaliforniaIt’s time to get rich today (unfortunately, just virtually) with Rush for Gold: California, the latest offering in terms of time management gaming over at Big Fish Games. It’s time to travel back in time, build up your own gold mining town and make it big in this game. A pretty high quality one too if you’re a fan of the genre!

Here’s how the story goes in Rush for Gold: California: Travel to the Wild West and feel the legendary Gold Fever in Rush for Gold: California! Striking locations, funny characters, and exciting gameplay are all waiting for you in this sensational time-management adventure. Build your own town from the ground up, help its citizens prosper, and pave your way to fame and fortune. If you’re not afraid of a little hard work, this game won’t disappoint!

The game comes with both a timed and untimed mode – depending on the level of challenge that you want to try and comes with progressive challenges in 40 levels. Visually, I would say that the game looks a bit dated and the graphics could’ve been a little better, but still that’s not a deal breaker as the entire setting is very colorful and nice overall.

So if you are a fan of the timed management type of games, Rush for Gold: California will not disappoint you. So head over to Big Fish Games (click here) and give this one a try for free to see if you like it!