A new charming hidden object game has been released on Big Fish Games: Eternal Journey: New Atlantis, a Collector’s Edition of one absolutely amazing game that has you trying to solve the mystery of Atlantis (and takes you all the way to Mars). So if you’re a fan of the genre, then this one is definitely not a game to miss!

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis puts you in the shoes of Amrite Stone who wakes up one day to find herself on Mars, 150 years into the future. What turn of events led her to this newfound solitude, so far from anything that she knows? Encounter a plethora of colorful characters such as an outlandishly petrifying alien and a lonesome cat while you help Ms. Stone to uncover the truth. Make sure to pay attention to the details in this epic sci-fi journey and you just may discover what really happened to Atlantis.

The game offers 100 locations to explore, all of them brilliantly done, plus no less than 35 mini-games to keep the challenge up and make sure that you never get bored or tire your eyes too bad.

So you should really consider giving this game a try: head over to Big Fish Games and download Eternal Journey: New Atlantis.