dotaToday is a happy day for all DotA fans since DotA Allstars 6.60 has been released and it comes with an impressive changelog you will see listed below. I will also post a link for you to get DotA if you’re interested – and I see no reason why you shouldn’t get it since it’s a free download and, as I said, judging from the changelog is AMAZING! Check out details below!

First things first, though: here is the link to download DotA 6.60 for free. While the small download completes, read the full changelog and let us know how impressed you are from a scale from 1 to 100. (Yes, you are allowed to say “1,000” too)

DOTA 6.60 changelog:

– Added a new hero Batrider to the Scourge [details below]
– Added a new hero Tauren Chieftain to the Sentinel [details below]
– Lightning Revenant: Reworked [details below]
– Medusa: Replaced Chain Lightning with a new ability Mystic Snake [details below]
– Medusa: Replaced Purge with a new ability Stone Gaze [details below]
– Netherdrake: Replaced Frenzy with a new ability Nethertoxin [details below]
– Rogue Knight: Replaced Toughness Aura with a new ability Warcry [details below]
– Slayer: Replaced Ultimate with a new ability Fiery Soul [details below]
– Twin Head Dragon: Replaced Autofire with a new ability Liquid Fire [details below]
– Troll Warlord: Replaced Rampage with a new ability Battle Trance [details below]
– Rogue Knight: Reworked how Stormbolt works [details below]
– Morphling: Reworked how Morphiling’s Adaptive Strike works [details below]
– Crystal Maiden: Replaced Frost Nova with a similar new ability Crystal Nova [details below]
– Phantom Assassin: Changed Blink Strike to a new ability Phantom Strike [details below]
– Ogre Magi: Reworked Multicast chance mechanism [details below]
– Sniper: Replaced Scattershot with a new ability Shrapnel [details below]
– Troll Warlord: Replaced Fervor Aura with a new ability Fervor (works like Beastmaster’s passive used to)
– Beastmaster: Replaced Beast Rage with a new ability Inner Beast (works like Troll’s old attack speed aura)
– Anti-Mage: Reworked Mana Void damage mechanism (now deals equal splash damage to units near the target)
– Silencer: Recoded Last Word to properly detect animation canceling and silence after a spell is casted
– Treant Protector: Reworked Eyes in the Forest [details below]
– Admiral: Lowered Agility (18->14) and Agility Per Level (1.7->1.3)
– Axe: Lowered Base Armor by 1 point (2.8->1.8)
– Bane Elemental: Improved cast range on Enfeeble (800->1000)
– Bristleback: Improved Base Intelligence growth by 0.6
– Bristleback: Improved side angles on Bristleback (90->110)
– Bristleback: Returned the Bristleback passive Quill Spray release cap back (300->250)
– Broodmother: Changed spiderling’s armor type from medium to normal and now take damage from first towers (50->100 %)
– Crystal Maiden: Lowered Brilliance Aura (0.75/1.5/2.25/3->0.5/1/1.5/2)
– Dark Seer: Improved Vacuum cast range (600->800)
– Dark Seer: Lowered Ion Shell cooldown (15->7 cd)
– Dark Seer: Vacuum no longer goes through magic immunity
– Dark Seer: Vacuum now drags the units in over 0.3 seconds rather than instantly
– Death Prophet: Witchcraft no longer gives movement speed bonus
– Geomancer: Changed Poof damage (60/80/100/120->50/80/110/140)
– Geomancer: Lowered Poof cooldown (20/18/16/14->16/14/12/10 cd)
– Invoker: Improved Alacrity duration (6->8)
– Keeper of the Light: Changed Mana Leak stun into a slow (2 seconds, 60 %)
– Keeper of the Light: You no longer lose control of your hero when knocked back with Blinding Light
– Lifestealer: Removed the initial stun effect from Open Wounds
– Lion: Voodoo duration reduced from 1/2/3/4 to 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 seconds
– Lone Druid: Added Battle Cry to all level of True Form and scaled the bonus damage/armor (20/2->20/2, 40/4, 60/6) and lowered duration (10->8 seconds)
– Lone Druid: Changed Spirit Bear’s ability progression (Lv1->Adds Inventory, Lv2->Adds Return, Lv3->Adds Entangle, Lv4->Adds Demolish and Spell Damage Reduction)
– Lone Druid: Improved True Form’s melee attack range (100->150)
– Lone Druid: Rabid now goes on both the Spirit Bear and Lone Druid when casted instead of requiring a target
– Lone Druid: Removed One from True Form
– Lone Druid: Spells now last the same duration on Spirit Bear as they do on heroes
– Lord of Avernus: Lowered Death Coil cooldown (7->6 seconds)
– Lord of Avernus: Gets the Mark of the Abyss buff on his first attack instead of on his second attack
– Luna: Increased Lunar Blessing aura range (300->900)
– Magnataur: Lowered Reverse Polarity cooldown (120->120/110/100 seconds)
– Magnataur: Improved attack animation time
– Magina: Undid recent buffs to base strength (21->16)
– Naga Siren: Reduced collision size (24->8)
– Naga Siren: Lowered Mirror Image cast time
– Naga Siren: Lowered Mirror Image cooldown (50->40 seconds) and manacost (85/105/130/150 to 70/80/90/100)
– Necrolyte: Rebalanced Heartstopper Aura from 0.5/0.75/1/1.25% to 0.4/0.6/0.8/1% and range from 700/800/900/1000 to 1000
– Necrolyte: Lowered Strength per level (2.0->1.5)
– Obsidian Destroyer: Lowered Astral Imprisonment cooldown (20->18/16/14/12 seconds)
– Pandaren Brewmaster: Improved Fire Panda’s Immolation (10/10/30->15/30/45)
– Pugna: Life Drain max range improved by 50 and its cast range is now equal to its max range
– Rhasta: Voodoo duration reduced from 1/2/3/4 to 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 seconds
– Rogue Knight: Improved Great Cleave damage (10/20/30/40->20/30/40/50 %)
– Sacred Warrior: Removed the cap on Burning Spears
– Shadow Fiend: Improved Presence of the Dark Lord armor reduction (1/2/3/4->2/3/4/5)
– Shadow Priest: Lowered Shallow Grave cooldown (80/60/40/20->54/40/26/12 cd)
– Silencer: Lowered Last Word duration (1/2/3/4->0.75/1.5/2.25/3)
– Slardar: Slithereen Crush damage type is now Physical type
– Spectre: Restored some vision back to Spectral Dagger path
– Spirit Breaker: Improved AOE on Empowering Haste and added 2% more movement speed bonus
– Stone Giant: Craggy Exterior now gives armor bonus (3/4/5/6)
– Stone Giant: Craggy Exterior now triggers off of units with 300 range rather than just based on melee classification
– Templar Assassin: Changed Refraction duration/cooldown (20/23->17/17)
– Templar Assassin: Changed Psi Blades spill range (80/160/240/320->320) and attack range bonus (50/100/150/200->40/100/160/220)
– Templar Assassin: Refraction is now an instant cast ability
– Terrorblade: Now gets a movement speed bonus during Metamorphosis (+20)
– Tinker: Restricted Black King Bar from refreshing
– Troll Warlord: Rebalanced Blind. Miss from 15/24/33/42 -> 20/28/36/44% and Cooldown from 8 -> 15/12/9/6 seconds
– Twin Head Dragon: Rescaled Ice Path (0.5/1/1.5/2->0.8/1.2/1.6/2 seconds)
– Undying: Lowered Base Armor by 3 points (6->3)
– Undying: Tombstone no longer spawns zombies to attack fogged units
– Ursa Warrior: Rescaled Overpower from 100/200/300/400% IAS with 5 attack count to a constant 400% IAS with 3/4/5/6 attacks
– Vengeful Spirit: Improved Strength Per Level by 0.5
– Vengeful Spirit: Improved Command Aura range (450->900)
– Vengeful Spirit: Improved Wave of Terror a little and added some minor damage (25/50/75/100). Lowered AOE slightly (350->300)
– Vengeful Spirit: Now has normal Base Attack Time (1.77->1.7)
– Windrunner: Lowered Base Attack Time (1.6->1.5)
– Zeus: Arc Lightning becomes available for casting immediately after cooldown rather than wait for the Lightning to finish traveling. Cooldown increased from 2 to 2.5 seconds.
– Reorganized heroes into taverns based on hero class. There are now 3 taverns per class, the “good” tavern has the heroes that are easier to recognize as “good”, the evil tavern has the heroes that are easier to recognize as “evil” and the mix as the ones that are in between. In each tavern the heroes are organized inside of it by alphabet. The Taverns are colored according to the class. For example, the good Intelligence tavern is Blue with the color darkening as it goes to the evil side.
– Side shops are now organized independent from their item slot in their original stores. This also fixes hotkey conflict issues.
– Reworked the side shop item layouts. There are now two shops there, a Goblin Laboratory and a Goblin Merchant. New items have been added to these shops. Here is the complete listing of the items in there:
Goblin Laboratory: Scroll of Town Portal, Magic Stick, Sobi Mask, Stout Shield, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Health, Cloak, Helm of Iron Will, Mask of Death
Goblin Merchant: Slippers of Agility, Boots of Elvenskin, Belt of Giant Strength, Robe of the Mage, Quelling Blade, Gloves of Haste, Blades of Attack, Quarterstaff, Talisman of Evasion, Kelen’s Dagger, Ultimate Orb
– Reorganized all the recipe shops. The goals are both to make room for the recently added items and more importantly to organize them in a manner that makes guessing correctly where an item is an easy task for both existing and new players. I know none of us like to relearn item layouts, but this is a good thing to do for the long run.
– There are 6 recipe shops now in the following order:
Gateway Relics: Misc items that are primarily early game upgrades
Supportive Vestments: Various support style items that you get for your team
Arcane Sanctum: Castable or spell heavy themed items
Protectorate: Has mainly defensive/survival style items
Enchanted Artificats: Mostly orb effect items (with the exception of Yasha)
Ancient Weaponry: All other weapon items.
– Added a few new terrain paths. Here are the rough areas that a change has been done in:
– To the right of the Sentinel Secret Shop above the ramp
– Above the Sentinel Goblin Shop
– Between the forest and the top Scourge lane
– Right side of sent jungle
– To the right of the second top Sentinel tower
– Added a new tree to the Scourge jungle
– In the area between the pair of Scourge neutrals near the powerup
– Range rax no longer has extra regeneration
– Added a new regeneration armor mechanism for towers and rax.
– The “regen armor” is stripped away whenever there are nearby creeps (or corpses). It gets restored once 15 seconds elapse without a nearby unit.
– If a tower or rax takes damage without the regen armor, that life lost can never be naturally regenerated. If it does have the regen armor, then it will regenerate at a rate of 40hp/seconds and take only 25% damage from illusions.
– Flagged areas are 1) All places considered in or near base 2) second Top Tower 3) second Mid Tower 4) second Bot Tower.
– Increased the non-splitting portion of the xp/gold from 8/level xp & 40 gold to 12*level xp & 30+5*level
– The non-splitting xp/gold bonuses are now doubled for EM like the rest of the xp/bounty system is
– Changed the damage type of the first tower to be Siege like the rest of the towers. Adjusted the damage table to keep the damage creeps take in the laning phase unchanged.
– Tower does not regenerate from allied damage (when trying to deny)

And if that’s not impressive enough, you can read the entire DotA changelog (including the item changes, minor bug fixes and more) on the game’s official website.