vietnam-war-pain-cod4When it comes to piracy or to making things look like something they’re not, I believe that the Asians are the most inventive – I’ve seen tons of stuff made to look like something of a higher quality, from pens to glasses, sportswear, gadgets, consoles and now… computer games!

A user on the PixelHunt forums found out, while in Singapore, the cover of Vietnam War: Pain (or Rain, if that makes any sense), a movie that’s so high quality that is not even featured on IMDB! The cover, however – you can “admire” it by clicking on the picture to enlarge it – looks very, very similar with the cover of a game we all loved to play: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Some people are even suggesting that the cover is actually Activision’s one with a bit of Photoshop work. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to find out that actually there’s the Activision logo blurred on that movie cover. Either way, it’s a great and hilarious find!

“It’s probably a pretty crappy movie. But I am thinking I should pick it up anyways. It’s only priced at about S$10 (approx AU$8.50),” says Ken, the guy who found out this priceless Vietnam War: Pain (or Rain) cover. I’m really curious if he bought it – he might be one of the few people in the universe with a chance to watch this “Modern Warfare – The Movie” thingie!