volcano-map-packThe Epic War is far from being over in Battlestations: Pacific as Eidos is preparing to launch the Volcano Map Pack to expand the multiplayer experience of their successful game. The map pack will add two new maps and will be released for PC users on June 25 (the price is unknown at the moment).

The new Volcano Map Pack promises to take the multiplayer in Battlestations: Pacific to a new level with larger, more expansive areas of operations, as well as new terrain, all of which will force the player to think of some new strategies in order to succeed. Below are some details on the two upcoming maps:

Volcano is the first one, playable in Island Capture, Competitive and Duel modes. As the name suggests, it features volcanic islands with many land-based artilleries, tons of options for aerial combat in Competitive modes and much more.

Choke Point is the second new map playable in Escort, Siege and Duel modes. This time we’ll have a narrow channel running through two volcanoes, obviously adding tons of possible approaches to the different game modes in Battlestations: Pacific.

The only problem might be the actual price of the DLC: the Xbox 360 version is set to retail for 560 Microsoft points (about $7), and probably the PC price will be the same, which seems like a bit too much for two maps.