battlefield2142Well, it doesn’t have to be E3 for a big company to make a big announcement! Electronic Arts, for example, announced during the William Blair Growth Stock Conference a “true” Battlefield sequel, according to reports from 1UP. The details are scarce at the moment, but I am sure that just the thought of knowing that DICE is hard at work with a new Battlefield 3 game is exciting enough!

Here’s what EA’s COO John Pleasants said: “I’ve had the luxury of looking at Battlefield 3 over at DICE in Sweden and was highly impressed by the way the team is working on that product,” he said. “Of course, that’s not [coming out] in the fiscal year, but that is a product that is looking very good.”

EA’s fiscal year ends in March 2010, so that means that the new game won’t be out until then, but it still seems like a short time to wait – unless EA and DICE decide to release Battlefield 3 closer to Christmas. But I guess we’ll have some more and proper details when any of the two companies are ready to offer them. Until then, we can only hope for the best.


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