As casino player you have at least two options when it comes to gambling. You can either sit on your couch and watch a real casino dealer deal cards or throw dice – or you can be on the go and play your favourite slot machine with your iPhone. It’s up to you. Both live dealer casinos and mobile casinos have their pros and cons. Some players don’t like the live action, others can’t imagine playing for real money with their mobile. And others just love both: Playing real live casinos at home and with mobile casinos on the go. Let’s compare the two options now:

How about mobile casinos?

There are many mobile casinos at which you can play lots of different casino games however you should always have a checklist of wants and demands when looking for a new mobile casino site at which to play at.

By doing so you will then be able to match up what it is you are looking for from such a site with and will then be guaranteed of having a fun and entertaining gaming session when you log into that mobile casino!

Everyone will however have their own personal checklist in regards to what makes a perfect mobile casino and with that in mind below you will find an overview of what you should be demanding from any mobile casino you do decide to sign up to and play at if you have never played at such a site before.

Licensed Mobile Casinos – Much like land based and online casino sites you will want to have complete confidence in regards to the mobile casinos you choose to play at, and every casino site should be fully licensed and regulated. You will find the licensing jurisdiction that has licensed.

Make sure any mobile casino you do play at is fully licensed, and that will ensure that site adheres to the very highest industry standards and will offer you and all other players a safe and secure gaming environment.

Country Specific Banking Options – You should also be looking to play ata mobile casino site that is going to allow you to set the currency options at which you will be bothdepositing and playing their range of casino games in a currency that is convenient to you.

Never sign up to a mobile casino site that forces you to play in any other currency than your own home currency for that will then force you to have to pay currency exchange rate fees and charges that will eat away and lower the value of your deposits and withdrawals!

Range of Mobile Casino Games – The more casino game that any mobile casino site has on offer the better, for with dozens or even hundreds of casino games available at any site you do decide to play at that will see you having much more choice and a much more enjoyable game playing experience.

Avoid any mobile casino site that as just a small limited selection of casino games available for you will very quickly get bored of having to play the same casino games over and over again!

Fast Winning Payouts – Once you have won any amount of cash when logged into any mobile casino site you will want to be assured that when you withdraw those winnings you will be paid promptly. So look out for and only play at mobile casino sites that will guarantee to pay you all of your winnings within a day or two, for those sites will never keep you hanging around waiting for your winnings to be processed and sent back to you!

Live Dealer Casinos

You may have played at some of the very first live dealer casinos which appeared online back in the late 1990’s, and if you did play at any of those very first casino sites back in the early days of online gaming you will probably have been put off playing live dealer games!

Back then everyone would connect to the internet by a dial up connection and you would often find the quality of graphics offered at a live dealer casino site was very poor and you would constantly suffer from buffering which resulted in live dealer games being completely unplayable for any length of time!

However, with high speed internet connections and the more advanced computers and mobile devices you have access to these days you will find playing live dealer games is a completely different experience nowadays.

You will also find there are lots of different types of casino games which can be accessed and played in a live dealer format including blackjack, baccarat, roulette and even casino poker card games. Below are some of the reasons why we think you should revisit player live dealer casino games online or give them a try if you have never experienced the delights of playing them online!

Live Dealer Chat Room – There will ways be a chat room facility attached to every single live dealer casino game you can play online, and that chat room will allow you to talk to any of the other players sat around your table or you can talk to the dealers and pit bosses if you have any questions. Be aware thought the chat room can be deactivated if you find it in any way distracting or you would prefer not to talk to any of your fellow players sat around your table!

Low and High Stake Games – You can opt to play any live dealer casino game for very low stakes if you are a low rolling type of player, or if you love nothing better than playing for high stake amounts then some very high valued table stake limits are also on offer. When it comes to high stakes you need to take good care of your chosen deposit options and payment providers.

Full Game History – You will always be bale to access your real money live dealer gaming logs at any of our featured online casino sites so if at any time you wish to review your gaming action for any reason you will not have to jump through any hoops to access your game play data online!

Increased Comps and Bigger Bonuses – There are lots of additional benefits of playing real money live dealer casino games online, and one thing that you will benefit from are high valued player comps.

Plus as an added incentive to get you to sign up and play at live dealer casinos you will have new player sign up welcome bonuses available to you and also to keep you loyal to their sites many live dealer casinos will also offer you lots of regular re-deposit types of bonuses which you can claim and get credited to your account balance instantly!