The world of mobile gaming is changing and that means you need to change along with it if you want to stay on top. Of course, if you’re simply in the mix to have a good time, then you don’t have anything to worry about. However, if you love strategy games, winning is everything.

So what exactly is changing? Well, if you take a look back at the mobile market in the past, one thing that’s been lacking is collective effort. Unlike the PC and console gaming world where MMOs have transformed our experiences, mobile games have largely been about individual entertainment. However, things are starting to change and that means you need to learn how to communicate if you want to stay on top.

Making Mobile MMOs a Reality

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Plarium is one developer that’s currently pushing the mobile MMO experience through its range of PC games. Titles such as Throne: Kingdom at War and Total Domination Reborn but only bring a world of detailed graphics to your iOS or Android device, they force you to work with other players in order to succeed. For instance, if you look at Throne: Kingdom at War, the aim of the game is fairly simple: Build a kingdom and protect it from your enemies.

Now, as with all time management games, you’ll have to choose the right moments to build, create and expand your kingdom. However, what’s unique about this game is that you can increase your productivity levels and bolster your defences by joining an order. Doing this allows you to support others in a crisis and, in return, receive help when you’re in trouble. This communicative element not only makes the game more engaging and interactive but it also means it can hone your skills.

Indeed, when you bring other humans into the mix, you add a layer of psychology to the game that wasn’t there before. Take the hugely popular Plague Inc. and you’ll see that it’s basically you against your mobile (i.e. the game software). However, when you play Total Domination Reborn, you have to rely on and out-think real people as well as the game itself. This brings in a new set of skills such as negotiating, anticipation and timing.

Communication and Timing Are Everything

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In fact, on this final point, the rise of mobile MMOs is fantastic for improving the timing of your attacks. When you could only play MMOs via your PC, everything would have to wait until you got home. However, because you can now download the games for free and play anytime you like, your moves can be timed to perfection.

Essentially, what we’re saying here is that the human element of mobile MMO strategy games means you have to be more switched on. Fortunately, mobiles give you this luxury. As we’ve said, you can literally dip in and out of the action at will because you’ll have your device on you almost all of the time. In fact, we touch our phones, on average, 2,617 times per day according to a 2016 study by Dscout.

So, while it’s certainly important to brush up on your communication skills if you want to thrive in the mobile strategy games world, it’s also important to on top of the action. The more you engage, the better your progression will be and the greater your chances of winning will be. Indeed, if you can remember this and apply it to your core gaming skills, you should be able to survive in this brave new world.