Best Pyromancer Builds for Dark Souls 3

Video games are abundant on the internet; however, one that stands out without a speck of doubt is Pyromancer. It has taken over the entire game, giving you easy access to all the important things you can potentially need to be on your best fire game.

Not only is it enough to get you through some tough challenges, but the spells are also effective in getting you through the big win in the game in no time.

Knowing about the best Pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3 allows you to optimize your spot in the game. It also helps you streamline the impact of fire damage, if there is any.

This article will walk you through all the top pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3 that you should be aware of without any questions.

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How To Build a Pyromancer in Dark Souls 3?

To understand pyromancer in Dark Soul 3,g you need to understand what pyromancy is.

Pyromancy uses spells that instigate or incite fire damage in Dark Souls 3. It levels close with faith and intelligence weapons, so that’s something you should be aware of without any questions asked.

However, you must reach Level 25 of the base game to implement pyromancy spells. It is mandatory, indispensable, and something you can’t miss.

That said, acquiring Pyromancy is a little bit more complicated. You must get them via Karla or Cornyx, located at the fireline shrine. This is something you can skip out on at all.

Not just for building a pyromancer, if you wish to cast a pyromancy spell, you must find the pyromancy tomes in the game. Once you do, you can get them to either Cornyx or Karla to acquire the spells for use or build.

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Best Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Builds

With that out of the way, the next thing you have to shift your focus on is the actual builds. Remember that things aren’t as straightforward as you think.

Indulging in a pyromancer build isn’t as easy as you’d make it out to be. This means that you’d need to focus on the individual builds first. Once you finish one, moving on to the next option is easier. It’s fairly simple and something you won’t have to look back on.

We will highlight three Pyromancer builds in Dark Souls 3, so take notes.

1. Dark Souls 3 Pure Pyromancer Build

If you didn’t know, Corynx specializes in basic pyromancy, while Karla specializes in dark pyromancy. This one starts with Cornyx, and the spells have no integration with combat.

To build the Pure Pyromancer build, you must keep your stats in check. The Intelligence-Faith should be in levels of 40 and 35 as a minimum. Attunement should be between 30-40 as well.

The influence of armor doesn’t have a lot of influence in this build, so you have to focus on the elements mentioned below:

Recommended spells

Since the Pure Pyromancer build doesn’t involve much armor, they heavily rely on spells. Some of the important ones in this context are:

  • Chaos Bed Vestiges
  • Great Chaos fire Orb
  • Warmth
  • Black Fire Orb

Chaos Bed Vestiges

Acquiring the Chaos Bed Vestiges is crucial in the build, and you need the Old Demon King’s soul for that. It draws much inspiration from Naruto’s Rasengan but involves a fire that can inflict drastic damage. Sometimes, this one spell is enough to get you through the game.

Great Chaos Fire Orb

If you have used Fire Orb in Dark Souls 3, the Great Chaos Fire Orb is just an expanded version. It involves massive damage. Instigating it triggers a minor area of lava, which can take down your enemies just fine. Acquiring this spell involves handing over Izalith Pyromancy Tome from the Smouldering Lake to Cornyx.


Next up on the list of requirements for the build is Warmth. Unlike the other spells, this one is healing. Since the Pure Pyromancy build doesn’t involve armor, having access to Warmth ensures keeping your health in check. To acquire this, you need to reach the second level of Mound Makers Convent.

Black Fire Orb

Unlike the basic fire orb, this one involves dark takes. You need a high faith and intelligence level to acquire this. This particular spell is important for charging with a light attack.

2. Dark Souls 3 Melee Heavy Pyromancy Build

With Pure Pyromancy Build out of the way, the next one is the Melee Heavy Pyromancy build is next. You need to maintain stats of Faith and Intelligence at 30. Attunement for this needs to be at 30 as well. Unlike the previous one, this particular build involves a lot of weapons for combat.

Recommended spells

The spells involved in the Dark Souls 3 Melee Heavy Pyromancy Build are:

  • Chaos Bed Vestiges
  • Warmth
  • Carthus Flame Arc

Fire Orb

Always treat the Chaos Bed Vestiges as the primary spell in this case. This acts as the primary weapon in this build.


Although there is no quintessential need for a specific armor, the game demands less weight armor to get you through the levels. Warmth, in this regard, works as a premium and powerful armor that supports healing and allows you to get through multiple hurdles.

Carthus Flame Arc

The Melee Heavy Pyromancy build involves the need for a fire buff to improve the stats of intelligence and faith. This maximizes the damage and allows you to improve your chances of a big win. The Carthus Flame Arc is available from Cornyx, but you must give 10,000 souls in return.

Fire Orb

The last factor in the equation helps you navigate through challenging situations and also creates necessary distances in the process. Even this aspect doesn’t require a particular armor.

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3. Dark Souls 3 Pyromancy Melee Build

Last on the list is the Melee-focused Pyromancy build in Dark Souls. It is effective, multi-faceted, and allows you to get through the game without any hurdles. The stats for this build include 40 strength levels, 20 intelligence, and 30 faith level. It also needs five attunement shots.

Recommended spells

If you are indulging in the Melee-focused pyromancy build, it involves the following spells:

  • Iron Flesh
  • Power Within
  • Carthus Flame arc
  • Warmth

You do need to indulge in multiple pyromancy spells to improve the buff weapon damage in this situation.

Iron Flesh

The next element in this build is the need for Iron Flesh. It absorbs any potential damage against the weight one carries. It involves a weak armor set, so having access to Iron Flesh balances that. It is available at Farron Kemp swamp.

Power Within

What’s great about this build is this spell. It improves the attack but inadvertently affects the health. It improves the strength level in the game, enabling you to induce intense damage in the surroundings. It is available at Grand Archives.


Like the first two builds, Warmth is quintessential in this too. It restores your strength during the build, so you don’t lose every bit of it.

Carthus Flame Arc

The last factor in the equation that deserves special mention is the Carthus Flame Arc. It amplifies the fire damage with optimal levels of Intelligence and Faith. This particular element is set to make you feel invincible when coupled with a high strength level.


Planning the Pyromancer build in Dark Souls 3 isn’t as complicated as you think. There are certain aspects to the whole process that we have discussed in this article. With the correct spells, stats, and elements in place, the build should come along easily without any hassle.

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