A boy playing online video games.

After endless hours of playing video games and becoming good at it, maybe it’s time to share your skills with other gamers. With the gaming world now more interactive than ever, gamers have a chance to interact virtually live while gaming.

If you think you have what it takes, why not game live with or/and against other members? It becomes more interesting with a virtual audience. The best part is that you can make money from live streaming your gaming sessions.

For the best tips for a great streaming setup, Crazystreamers have got you covered on how to ensure buffer-free streaming. With live streaming being one of the biggest things in the gaming world right now, it would be beneficial to be part of it. To start us off, here are the best streaming platforms for live video game streaming.

Twitch. Tv

This is one of the best live streaming services for any legal content according to their terms and conditions.

Gamers are using Twitch, Tv and it is largely affiliated to live video game streamers from Amazon. Users do not require an account but can view streams through links. For ad-free mode, one can pay $8.99 a month. 

Users do not require an account but can view streams through links. For ad-free mode, one can pay $8.99 a month.

Key Features

  • Live streamers can schedule time for streams.
  • Fans get issued badges after subscribing.
  • It enables live stream comments.
  • The streamer profiles have a friendly user interface.
  • It has emote slots to enhance user interaction.
  • There are cheermotes to boost earning.
  • Twitch has over 1.8 million viewers on average at a given time.
  • Twitch enables live streamers to earn money through ads placed on their streams.
  • It has affordable subscription packages.
  • It’s hard to notice live streamers, for there are multiple streamers. 
  • Users may not be able to meet the requirements that enable them to run ads and earn from them.


For gaming, sports, and entertainment, Caffeine has among the best ratings. You can access it through its app, available for iOS and Android devices. You can also access it from Chrome or Firefox. 

What is better is that you can enjoy free premium live events and streams with giveaways. Caffeine also allows you to integrate it with additional apps to play any games.

Key Features

  • A user-friendly interface
  • A well-designed platform
  • Caffeine is integrated with mobile viewing since some streaming apps do not support mobile streaming.
  • The app is free and has no ads for viewers.
  • Streams are easy to set up and run on the app’s stylish presentation. 
  • Live streamers can still make money.
  • It mostly runs on a low resolution for gamers’ quality
  • Users cannot archive streams since the option is not yet available.

Facebook Gaming

FB Gaming has a record of 1 billion streaming hours watched in just the first 3 months of 2021. This goes a long way to show how much live stream gaming is embraced. 

FB gaming enables users to earn through stars that cost $0.01 each. It then goes ahead to enable earning through monthly subscriptions and third-party donations.

Key Features

  • FB Gaming enables users easy streaming through desktop and mobile gaming.
  • There are bits of in-stream ads playing.
  • Streamers can reply to reactions and comments from the viewers.
  • The starts have a real monetary value of $0.01 for each.
  • The platform is easy to go about
  • It has one of the biggest audience bases.
  • Audiences can locate streams by searching for gamers’ profiles
  • FB Gaming sends notifications to subscribers for streams.
  • Audiences can readily move to something else by scrolling down
  • Users must have an account to watch streams.


Owncast has reputable stream customization according to the gamer’s needs. Among the customizations is the select resolution option. 

This shows that there aren’t many management hosts involved that are after splitting the spoils gained. Gamers can create links and share them through socials, then schedule self-hosted streams.

Key Features

  • The site enables you to customize stream settings according to need.
  • Live streamers can self-host themselves on site.
  • There are no ads for both gamers and viewers.
  • The audience interaction is commendable.
  • Top-notch programming and customization of streams.
  • Integrates well with other streaming software users may have as the third party.
  • It works well on both mobile and PC.
  • Installation is not straightforward and requires a guide.
  • Livestreamers have to buy and maintain servers for hosting.
  • Earning money is not as easy as on other sites.


Mobcrush lets you focus on your stream as they help you grow your audience. They give you server access and free analytic tools to improve and add monetary value to live video gamers. Mobcrush enables gamers to stream to other applications such as Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube to top the icing.

Key Features

  • Tools and features are easily accessible for new streamers.
  • Mobcruch supports both mobile and PC streaming.
  • It enables great audience interaction on their app and while streaming to other apps.
  • It has an option to broadcast on other platforms.
  • It has the simplest user interface.
  • It has multiple view interaction support.
  • You cant use Mobcush on gaming consoles and set-top boxes.
  • It requires other third-party streaming software for better performance.


Even if you are not a content creator, your video gaming prowess could make you some good dollars. With the five live video game streaming platforms above, start your gig today as a gamer. You can also watch other gamers tackle hurdles that have troubled you in your current game.