Dark Souls 2 coverA good amount of new details focusing on covenants in Dark Souls 2 have been released.

A post on the official Dark Souls Facebook Page, and a report by Siliconera, they give an account of some of the covenants players can become a part of, starting with the Blue Sentinel. This is a group of players who can warp into the games of other people when their world is invaded by a dark phantom (enemy player).

In a similar fashion to the Blue Sentinel there is a group called Way of the Blue. Like the Blue Sentinels, when there is an invasion from a dark phantom, help will be given by another member of Way of the Blue being transported into the game. Whilst there is little obvious difference between the two at the moment, it has been revealed that you can have both a Blue Sentinel and Way of the Blue member enter your game, meaning it could turn the tables into a three on one fight.

There is likely to be subtle differences in the covenants you can join, as the Heirs to the Sun, described as: Those who worship of the sun, now a lost belief, was once widespread amongst great warriors. These primarily act in the same way as Blue Sentinels, helping those whose world becomes invaded, however you appear as a golden sentinel.

The sentinels are not only to come to peoples defence. Those with that little evil streak and thirst for glory can invade other players’ worlds as a disciple for the god of war Nahr Alma, whom you serve by spilling the blood of others.

The other option for players’ intent on invasion is the Bell Keepers. These players get automatically spawned into an area that has a bell in it. These players are then tasked with defeating the player heading towards the bell, how you do so is up to you, be it stalking the player or keeping guard by the bell, the choice is yours.

Which covenant are you leaning towards becoming a part of and how will you use your powers?

Dark Souls 2 is currently slated for an 11th March 2014 release date on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a PC version coming soon after.