A new, short and fun game. I think that there should be more games like this one. Funny graphics, logical and easy escape, and easy to see items. This one is really easy, but here is a walkthrough anyways :)


1. Note that you need 4 Items – Move Right! Click on the Drawer under the Lamp [Left-Side], to open it. Click on the Lamp to turn it ON. Once Lamp is turned ON, click the Lamp again to turn it OFF! You’ll notice that the Coins inside the Drawer are glowing. Click the Drawer to zoom in, and take the Coin that is glowing. Zoom out!

2. You see the Slot Machine [Right-Side], and the 3 White Squares on top of it. Look, left-side to those 3 White Squares, and you’ll see a Coin Slot [There is a text above the Coin Slot that says “Coins”] – Use the Glowing Coin on the Coin Slot, and pull the Lever on Top-Left side of the Slot Machine. Take Golden Key from Middle-Bottom of Slot Machine! Also, before you leave. Look at the Shadow of the Slot Machine [Near Bottom-Left and Middle-Left]. Click on the Shadow, to look behind the Machine. Take the Long Stick, and zoom out!

3. Move Right! Click on top-part of Chest to open it. Read all the 3 Notes, and you’ll get these informations:

– 1 Hairy Human, Mini-sized
– 1 Sticky Sapphire
– 1 Fish [You’ll need only the Head of the Fish. And the Note also says that you can get that, by making the Cat eat the Fish, and then make a loud noise to throw up the Fish-Head]
– 1 Root [It has to look like a new one]
– WOLFMAN 3000 Action Figure [You need to add something, in order to make him transform]
– The Freezer is Locked, and the Key is hidden inside the Slot Machine. You can get the Key by using the the Magic Coin on the Slot Machine [We’ve already taken the Key – and now, we know where to use it]

Once done, Zoom out!

4. You see the 2 Golden Squares on Bottom-Left & Right side of the Chest. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the Bottom-Left Golden Square, has a hole on it. Click on Bottom-Left Golden Square of the Chest, to open it, and take the Mini-sized Human! The Human isn’t hairy enough, so look outside the Window. If you look somewhere near the Right-Side, you’ll see a Green Stick-body. Use the Mini-sized Human on the Green Stick-body, and take him once he is hairy!

ITEMS ACQUIRED: Mini-sized Human

5. Move Right! You see the Purple Cupboards on top of the Screen. Open the most Right-Side one [Don’t get too scared, LOL]! Look at the Web of the Spider, on Top-Right, inside the Cupboard. You’ll see something red in the middle. Click to take Sapphire! Open the Bottom-part of Refrigerator, and look on Bottom side of it. You’ll see 2 Grey Drawers. Open the Right-Side one, and click inside Drawer to get Marshmallow, and Parsnip! Open the Microwave, put Marshmallow inside, click on Marshmallow to close Microwave, and click on Marshmallow again, once it’s melted, to open the Microwave. Use Sapphire on the Melted Marshmallow, to make it sticky!

ITEMS ACQUIRED: Mini-sized Human, Sticky Sapphire

6. You see the Orange Juice inside the Refrigerator. Dip the Parsnip in the Juice, to get Fresh Vegetable! Look at the 2nd Cupboard from Left to Right, on Top of screen. You’ll see something White above the 2nd Cupboard from Left to right. Use the Long Stick on the White thing above Cupboard, to get a Fog Horn!

ITEMS ACQUIRED: Mini-sized Human, Sticky Sapphire, Refurbished Root

7. Use the Golden Key on the Top-part of Refrigerator, to open the Freezer! You see that there are many different colors there. Look at the 2nd one from Bottom to Top, the Purple-colored paper. Click it, to view it in a Larger Scale. Click the Paper to open it, and take the Fish [Click on Purple Paper to close window]!

8. Move Left! Place the Fish where it says “KITTY” – a Cat will appear, and eat the Fish. Use the Fog Horn on the Cat, and take the Fish-Skull!

ITEMS ACQUIRED: Mini-sized Human, Sticky Sapphire, Refurbished Root, Fish-Skull Head

9. Move Left 2 Times! Click on each one of the Squares on Wall, and put the Correct item on correct square. Or follow me, from LEFT to RIGHT:

1st Square = Hairy Human [1st Item in your Inventory]
2nd Square = Sticky Sapphire [2nd Item in your Inventory]
3rd Square = Catfish Cranium [3rd Item in your Inventory]
4th Square = Refurbished Root [4th Item in your Inventory]

10. Once Done, just zoom out. Enjoy the Ending :)

I hope this Walkthrough is helpful for those who still haven’t escaped. This game was pretty easy, and also very logical. I want more of these games :D

Type: Detailed Walkthrough | Explained Information | 10-Steps
Time Used: Unknown
Written By: Prid