elder scrolls online consolesThe Elder Scrolls Online will be dropping its’ subscription fee, as the console version is given a release date of the 9th June 2015.

The subscription service will end on the 17th March, and the game will be renamed The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Bethesda announced on their website. All PC and Mac accounts, both open and closed, will be automatically upgraded to the new version, which allows players full access to the game with a one-time only purchase.

Bethesda also revealed that “regular updates and new gameplay will be offered to all players to enjoy free of additional charges.”

There will be optional downloads available, introduced in a new currency called ‘Crowns’ which can be used in the Crown Store to purchase in-game items, services and content. New players will be gifted 500 crowns when they buy the game and create a game account. Current subscriber will be given 500 Crowns plus an extra 100 Crowns for each 30-day period you have been a subscriber. They will also be available on each consoles respective stores for purchase with real money.

There will also be a premium service available for a monthly fee called Elder Scrolls Online Plus. This will give you a bonus to character progression, a monthly set of Crowns sent to you and access to all DLC whilst you are still a member of the service. A full list of the content included in the ESO Plus service can be viewed on the ESO FAQ.

Console players will be required to have a linked account to PlayStation Plus/ Xbox Live Gold to play. Bethesda said that: “Because we are removing the requirement for a monthly game subscription, you will now need to ensure you have an active PSN account with PlayStation Plus to play ESO as long as you like.” They had previously stated PS Plus would not be required to play.

You can take a look at a new trailer here:

What are your thoughts on this move?