Another game by GazzyBoy, as usual. I don’t know what to say, but Enjoy reading this walkthrough :)


1. You see the Table with Drawers (Bureau), right below the Chips on Shelf, on wall (There is a calculator on top of it). Click it, to zoom in, and open the Bottom Drawer [You have to click it’s Handle]. Take Screwdriver Handle, and zoom out (Make sure to close the Drawer, before you zoom out)!

2. Click on the Door, near the Middle of Screen, to zoom in. Once zoomed in, click on the Door Knob to enter! Click on the Cupboards on Top of Wall, in front of you, to zoom in. There are 10 Doors in total. Click on the 3rd Door from Left to Right, to open it. Click on Bottom of 3rd Cupboard from Left to Right [Where there is something Long & Red-Colored] – to zoom! Take the Hacksaw Blade, and zoom out. Close the Cupboard Door [Left-side to the 3rd Door from Left to Right], and zoom out. Move Right 2 Times, and enter the Door right ahead!

3. Move Right! You see the Coca-Cola Machine on Right-Side [Bottom-Right corner of room]. Click to zoom in, and click on Top of the Machine, to view what’s behind it! Use Hacksaw Blade on the Black Plug, take it once it’s cut, and zoom out 2 Times!

4. Click on Door, near the Middle, to zoom in. Click on it’s Door Knob, to enter! Click on the Refrigerator, right-side to the Oven in the Middle, to zoom in (Don’t open the Refrigerator). Look on top of the Refrigerator, and you’ll see a small Rectangle-shaped Panel (It’s grey with alot of buttons, and other stuff – it’s right above the 1st Door of Fridge, in th Middle of the Top-part). Click on that Panel to move the Refrigerator, and look on right-side of the Refrigerator. You’ll see 4 Tiles & a half. Look at the Middle of all those 5 Tiles (4 and a half). Then, move 2 Tiles to Right, and click on that Tile, to zoom in to a secret Tile. From this View, click on the Middle Tile, take Super Glue, and zoom out 2 Times!

5. Click on the Over in the Middle, to zoom in. Click on Top of the Oven [You see the Dark Grey Rectangle on the most-top of Oven. Click on the Light Grey Rectangle, below it], to view the back of it! Click anywhere on screen, to view the broken Plug. Place the 2 Half-Plugs, on right-side of the Wire. Use Super Glue/Adhesive on the 2 Half-Plugs, and zoom out 2 Times! There are 4 Buttons, 2 on each Side. Click on the Left-Side one 1st, then the one next to it. Click on the 1st one on Right-Side (Left to Right), and then the most Right-Side one, to explode the Oven. Take the Spring, near Top-Right of Floor, and take Screwdriver Part, on the 2nd Tile on Bottom, from Left to Right, and zoom out!

6. From in your Inventory, use the Super Glue/Adhesive on Screwdriver Handle, and then put the 2nd Screwdriver part, on Screwdriver Handle, to get a Screwdriver :P

7. Move Right! Click on Middle-Right side of the Door, to view the keyhole. Use Screwdriver on Keyhole, and click to remove it! Click on the thing behind the Keyhole, to zoom in. Put Spring on Bottom-Left part of Silver thing, or just put it in the Middle. Zoom out 2 Times!

8. Click on Middle of Door, to enter. Move Right! You see the Bowl on Right-Side of wall. Click anywhere on the SHELF, the Bowl are on (Just click any part of the Shelf. If you click on the Bowls, it won’t work), to zoom in! Take 2nd Bowl on Bottom-part (From Left to Right), and zoom out!

9. Move Left! Click on the Water Dispenser, behind all the Sugar/Flour bags [Water Dispenser is on Bottom-Left corner of room], to zoom in. Once zoomed in, click on Water Dispenser again to zoom in once more. Place the Bowl below the Red Button (Don’t put the Bowl right below the Red Hot Water Button, but put it near the very bottom of Dispenser), and press the Red Button to pour Hot Water in the Bowl. Once done, take the Bowl and zoom out 2 Times!

10. Move Left, and get out of Room! Move Left, and click on Refrigerator, to zoom in. Click on the Top-Part of the Refrigerator, to open it. Then, click on the Bottom-Part of the Refrigerator, to zoom in. Click on the Middle of the Door to open (I don’t know why, but you have to open the Top-door before you can open bottom-part door)! For some reason, you have to zoom out, and then click on Bottom-part of the Refrigerator from this view (If you can’t zoom in, you have to click on the most bottom-part, right before the arrow appears), to zoom in! Click on the Blue Ice in the Middle, to zoom in. You see the lots of Circles on Top of the Blue Square in the middle (I think it’s Ice), click on those circles/ice to zoom in. Pour the Water from the Bowl, anywhere on screen. Take Key from 2nd Hole in Bottom-part, from Left to Right, and zoom out 4 Times!

Move Right 2 Times, and enter Door right ahead. Click Door on Right-Side (next to Window), to zoom in. Use Key on Door, to escape!

I hope this is helpful. There are alot of weird things in this game, but it’s not as bad as all the other GazzyBoy games (Maybe they read our complaints XD)! Please enjoy reading this walkthrough, and I would love to hear feedback :D

Type: Extremely Detailed Walkthrough | Explanation Notes | 10-Steps
Time Used: 40 Minutes
Written By: Prid