One of my all time favorite Cafe World items is the Lighting Stove – and I’m sure you feel the same, since it cooks all food 10% faster and it also allows for the amazing one-click-cooking that saves us a lot of time. Unfortunately, the only problem with the Lighting Stove is that there’s a limit of one per cafe in Cafe World…

Or, better said, it WAS, since Zynga now announced that we can get unlimited Lighting Stoves for our virtual cafes. Here’s their official word on the matter:

“Finished your first Lightning Stove? With help from your friends, you can build unlimited Lightning Super Stoves! Lightning Super Stoves cook your food 10% faster, with that one-click cooking you’ve come to love!”

As you know, you need 40 different parts in order to build one Lighting Stove and the easiest or better said cost free way to get one is by asking for the parts from your friends. They’ll also do a one-click help, so it won’t be too difficult for them either. Just make sure you don’t spam them too often with your requests since there’s still time to get your stoves!