Apart from the new Japanese crop and tree that were released in FarmVille earlier today, a bunch of new buildings and decorations have been released, some of which can be purchased by regular users for regular coins. If you’d like to see the list, read on and check out the images of the buildings to the left (click to enlarge!)

List of new Limited Edition Japanese Decorations in FarmVille:

Zen Garden 2 – 18 FV Cash
Lush Knoll – 4 FV Cash
Hot Spring – 32 FV Cash
Koi Fish Pond 2 – 36 FV Cash
Falling Blosson – 6 FV Cash
Sakura Flowers – 45,000 coins
Lamp Sculpture – 36,000 coins
Small Lamp 12,000 coins
Onigiri Statue – 20,000 coins
Cherrywood Wall – 6,900 coins
Japanese Trellis – 25,000 coins
Japanese Fence – 5,000 coins

New Limited Edition Japanese-themed buildings:

Japanese Manor – 42 FV Cash
Edo Style Home – 36 FV Cash
Manga Store – 27 FV Cash
Sushi Shop – 42 FV Cash
Japanese Gazebo – 18 FV Cash

So it’s pretty easy now to turn your farm into a Japanese themed one. Will you be purchasing any of these newly released items?



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