Unlike what happened in past late Tuesdays, Zynga didn’t deliver a huge FarmVille update in terms of goodies (even though a bunch of buildings and decorations were released) – probably the team is fully focused on enhancing their latest hit, FrontierVille. Either way, we still have some goodies that are here to stay: the Japanese-themed Asian Pear and the Wasabi.

Both items are limited edition ones, but at least we can purchase each one for regular coins. So if you’re interested, check out their stats:

Wasabi crop (available for 14 days)
Cost: 200 coins
Ready in: 16 hours
Yields: 330 coins
Gives 2 XP

Asian Pear (14 days)
Cost: 5,000 coins
Ready in: 2 days
Yields: ?

What do you think about the two new Japanese-themed harvestables in FarmVille? Are you going to purchase them?