Energy is important in Frontierville. You need it to do any actions in the game. Zynga provides players several ways to get more energy.

You could wait for your energy to recharge. You get one energy unit every five minutes. That means for 16 Energy Bar to be full, you need to wait for 80 minutes. Take a break from the game first.

When you harvest crops and animals, you have the chance to get food. This can be used to buy meals in the Marketplace. Meals can restore some of your energy. There are several types of meals available. These are:

Light Snack – 25 Food for 3 Energy
Breakfast – 50 Food for 7 Energy
Lunch – 100 Food for 15 Energy
All You Can Eat – 10 Horseshoe for 16 Energy
Beef Jerky – 30 Horseshoe for Max Energy Refill

Dinner is unlocked at Level 19 and the 7-Course Feast at Level 27.

Visiting friends gives you Energy as well. So be sure that you visit them every day. Friends can also give you free meals from the Free Gift tab. Be sure to reciprocate and gift one back as well.

Doing tasks in Frontierville can randomly reward you with a bonus energy. Be on the lookout for the blue lightning bolt, among other bonuses.

Do you have other ways of getting more energy in FrontierVille? Share it with us by commenting below.