In what seems an incredibly strange mix of gameplay – farming and cooking on a tropical island – Gamenauts’ Wonder Island is actually a fun, interesting game that proves that you have to mix, twist and shake and always keep trying when it comes to social games – eventually, you’ll find the perfect recipe!

Created by the same company behind Nightclub City, Wonder Island manages to lure you in from the beginning with some vivid and extremely joyful visuals: bright colors are certainly a must for social games and Gamenauts seem to know that perfectly. But it’s not all about a nice polish with the game!

As I said, the game offers a strange mix of farming and cooking on an island: first, you’ll have to plant and grow crops, animals and trees and use the ingredients you’ll harvest to create tasty recipes. The more different ingredients you have to use with your recipe, the better your rewards will be. It’s a pretty nice way of combining two genres that didn’t seem, until now, to have too much in common.

Wonder Island has been launched about one month ago and since then Gamenauts kept updating it and adding new content, so you won’t get bored with the game once you master it, so head over to Facebook and give it a try if you’re curious to see what it’s all about.

What do you think about Wonder Island? A cool game or not?