A long-awaited feature has just made its debut in FarmVille: the Dairy Farm Expansion which finally allows us to store up more cows. If you’re curious to find out all the details on the new FarmVille Dairy Farm Expansion, read on!

First of all, you should notice a pop-up like the one in the image to the left (click to enlarge), and after clicking OK you will be taken to the expansion page. If you somehow miss that, you can see the Diary Farm Expansion menu by clicking one of your Diary Farms and selecting the Expand Storage option.

There are two upgrades you can make with the help of your friends: the first one will upgrade the capacity of the dairy farm from 20 to 30 and the second one from 30 to 40. You can upgrade all your farms – which means that you’ll get a capacity of 200 places! That’s a lot of cows!

Once you start the barn raising, you have three days for 10 friends to help you with the expansion, otherwise it will fail and you’ll have to start over (or pay with FarmVille cash for it). First you will post to your wall about the dairy farm expansions and in the next days you’ll be allowed to post reminders.

A pretty cool new feature, don’t you think?