You can complete quests in Frontierville with a little help from your friends. You’ll need a lot of items from your friends that are required for completing a task or to finish a building. For example, if you want to finish your General Store, you need three hammers, three nails, three bricks, three hand drills, and three paint buckets.

The items are only available through gifting or you can buy them for one horseshoe each. That means you need to ask your friends for those items. Don’t be ashamed about asking for help. Everyone will be doing the same.

Energy is required to do tasks in Frontierville. There are several ways to get additional energy. One of which is to visit your neighbors. Helping your neighbors will boost your reputation. The higher your reputation, the more work you can do when your friends hire you. If you have a high reputation, people would want to be your neighbor.

You’ll also need a certain number of neighbors to unlock some items in the market. These are a few reasons why you should have a lot of neighbors and friends playing Frontierville with you.