I guess that, just like in any other game that involves “energy,” CastleVille is one of those titles where you can never have enough energy. Apparently Zynga knows about our pain and therefore, they have decided to deliver an Energy Totem to CastleVille players which can increase our Max Energy levels by 3. Pretty nice!

I am sure you’re curious to find how to get the Energy Totem in CastleVille, so here it is: this is a new craftable item in the game and it takes an impressive 47 hours to be ready. Even more, it needs a ton of items, but at least we know that they will be put to good use. Here are the requirements for the Energy Totem in CastleVille:

– 40 Stone Blocks
– 30 Gold Bars
– 15 Fairy Dusts
– 10 Iron Picks

Getting the items is not easy: Stone Blocks are obtained from friends or crafted from 6 Stones each, Fairy Dust comes from friends only, Gold Bars are a real pain since they require 2 Stone Blocks and 4 Alchemist’s Powders to craft while the Iron Picks require 4 Wood Logs and 1 Iron Bar for each. So yes, we can say that it’s going to be some really hard earned energy, but totally welcome!

The good news is that we are able to craft as many Energy Totems as we can so eventually, after a very long construction period, we’ll be happy with the amounts of potential energy in CastleVille.

Will you try to get more than one Energy Totem in the game?