One of the biggest updates to be released by Zynga for their hit treasure hunting game, Treasure Isle, is the Fire God Mountain – an add-on that will change things around, as well as bring in huge rewards for the active players. Snippets of information were released for a long time and I’ve gathered them all in one place – here! So read on if you want to find out everything about the upcoming Fire God Mountain feature in Treasure Isle!

What you should know about the Fire God Mountain:

– we’ll have a randomized dungeon system, meaning that every time we’ll enter the volcano, the area will look different
– there are 20 new treasures to be added in 4 collections
– we’ll be able to replay the FGM if we have enough SPF (sun block, a new item – read below)
– smart digging will be rewarded instead of complete digging. This means that we should find the only treasure per level in the least number of digs in order to win
– there are 14 floors of the Fire God Mountain waiting to be explored

Extra information related to the upcoming release of the FGM in Treasure Isle:

– the mysterious egg will hatch after the completion of the FGM
– New items will be added, including the SPF 3000, a new sun-block that allows adventureres survive the huge temperatures inside the volcano.
– leaderboards will be introduced while in the volcano showing you how you’re doing compared to your friends
– alongside the fire mango, you’ll be still allowed to use regular fruits!
– one of the rewards for completing the Fire Gof Mountain will be extra gardening plots

Don’t forget to check back as soon as Fire God Mountain goes live this weekend for a complete guide for it!