At first you might find Frontierville to be complicated, with various tasks to do. But you can things uncomplicated by knowing the basics.  Here are four simple tips to turn your wilderness into a successful frontier town:

Quests should be completed as soon as you get them. Quests give bonuses once they’re completed. So make sure you click on the stories and goals that appear at the left side of your game screen.

You should be friendly in Frontierville. Visiting your neighbors will recharge your Energy. The more Energy you have, the more actions you can accomplish. That means you get more experience and level faster.

You can hire two friends a day. Make sure you hire the ones with high reputations. The higher the reputation, the more coins you’ll get.

Don’t be afraid of Snakes in Frontierville. On the contrary you should be looking for them. Snakes love hiding under skulls. Clear the skulls and rocks in your property to find one and clobber him. Once you get rid of the snake, you’ll receive a couple of bonuses.

Hopefully these tips help you transform your patch of wilderness into a bustling town. Do you have other tips to level faster in Frontierville?