It looks like Zynga revamped the Crime Spree feature in Mafia Wars. Most players overlook this feature and dismiss it as something not worth their time. I know some players who don’t even know where to find it.

Now Zynga made it easier for people to go to the Crime Spree page. You’ll find a white Crime Spree icon on top of the Mafia Wars page, beside the Mail icon. Not only that, Zynga placed a new banner in-game to make it easier for players to ask for help for their own Crime Sprees.

To entice players to use the Crime Spree feature, Mafia Wars now rewards players for every ten Crime Spree levels they achieved. Players will receive the Trouble Maker, a weapon with 55 Attack 46 Defense.

In case you don’t know how the Crime Spree works, it’s as simple as asking your friends for help. If they respond to your call for help, your Loyalty will increase. Aside from that, you’ll receive an item for every help received.

The bad news is that they took out the experience reward when you answer one of your friend’s Crime Spree request. You get to choose from +50 Energy or +40 Stamina. And just like before, you can only answer to five requests to get the bonus. Above five, your friend will still receive the gift but you wouldn’t get a bonus for it.