How to Earn Coins in Frontierville

How to Earn Coins in Frontierville

One of the necessities in Frontierville is Coins and you’ll need lots of it to complete quests and to buy upgrades for your town. Here are some tips on how you can earn coins fast in Frontierville.

Just like in Farmville, planting crops can be an effective way of earning coins in Frontierville. There are several crops available and each one has different costs for planting. The longer it rows, the more coins you’ll get.

Be good to your neighbors. That way they’ll be good to you as well. You can do five actions per neighbor a day without using any energy. You can receive bonus coins by helping your neighbors. In return, your neighbors might drop by your frontier.

Another way of getting coins in Frontierville is to complete collections. The Tomato Collection gives you 300 coins when completed.

Completing quests in Frontierville will give you extra experience and other bonuses, such as coins. Some quests require buying stuff but the reward will make up for your investment.

Coins are earned by clobbering snakes or scaring bears. These varmints are usually hiding under skulls or rocks. Clear the rocks from your Frontierville property to find these pests and put them away.

These are just some ways to earn coins in Frontierville. Maybe you have other ways to get coins. You can share it with us below.