With the release of the latest update for FarmVille today, Zynga introduced the Japanese Barn into the game, one really cool storage building I’m sure you’re already trying to build. However, if you’re having trouble getting all the materials needed to build the Japanese Barn or if you simply wish to have it finished faster, I have a great surprise for you: the Japanese Barn Gift Material links!

Simply click the links below and send the indicated material. So don’t forget to let your friends know about the links too so they can send them back!

Japanese Barn Reed Thatch link
Japanese Barn Bamboo link
Japanese Barn Wooden Board link
Japanese Barn Nail link
Japanese Barn Brick link

Also, remember that you can also expand the storage of the Japanese Barn, so it’s a must have building. So hurry up to finish it in 12 days, otherwise you’ll regret in the future, especially if you like to purchase all the goodies for your farm!

How’s the building of the FarmVille Japanese Barn going now that you have the material links?


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