Today’s update of our favorite game brings in a really welcomed building in to play, the FarmVille Japanese Barn that makes the Japanese themed update really impressive. In this article we’ll learn everything about the Japanese Barn, including details on what it is, how it looks like and, most important, how to build it fast. So you must read on the guide for the FarmVille Japanese Barn.

What is the new Japanese Barn in FarmVille?

It is a new storage building that gives you 20 extra storage spaces (if you haven’t met the maximum yet) and which can also be upgraded in order to hold more items!

How to get the Japanese Barn?

You can go for the easy but really expensive way – buy it for 50 FV cash from the market; or you can buy the frame for just 5,000 coins and build it with the help of your friends.

In order to have the barn ready, you need some building materials: Brick, Reed Thatch, Bamboo, Nail and Wooden Board (10 of each). These can be sent as gifts by your friends or purchased from the market for one FV Cash each. However, you can easily get them from your friends if you share with them the FarmVille Japanese Barn Links guide.

When you complete your Japanese Barn, you will receive a popup asking you if you’d like to share the news with your friends. Clicking the ‘Share’ button on this popup will give you the option to post a feed to your wall that will give up to 10 friends who click on it a Hanging Flowers. And you know what? This building looks mighty impressive!

How’s the building of the Japanese Barn Going?