Most of the FarmVille players won’t care (at least not now) too much about these latest updates brought in to FarmVille, but the really hardcore players certainly will: FarmVille has now brought in extra levels,the unwither ring and a new animal for the high level players. Let’s see all the details!

First of all, a feature that was highly anticipated debuted tonight in FarmVille: players can level up over the level 100, the limit being now 999. And honestly, I don’t even wish to think how much dedication a player needs in order to grab the level 999 – but definitely the one to go there without cheating should grab a prize from Zynga (and hopefully get a life, too!)

Also, top level players – those over level 85 – can purchase a new animal from the market to show off: the Pheasant, a little birdie that costs “just” 2 million coins and can be harvested in 2 days. It doesn’t even matter for how much – you’ll get your money back in a bit over a lifetime!

Finally, the update brings back an interesting item that was previously released in FarmVille: the Unwither Ring. This ring is a limited edition items that grants its owner the power to never have his or her crops wither EVER. Also, it can be sent as a gift to a fellow FarmVille player, which makes it even more interesting. The only backdraw? It costs 250 cash!