unwither-ring02Wouldn’t you like to always feel safe and know that your crops in FarmVille will never wither again? Of course you would and starting today, for a limited period of time, it is possible to have an unwither spell over your farm if one of your friends decides to send you the Unwither Ring, the ultimate FarmVille gift!

What is the Unwither Ring? A really expensive item available for a limited period of time (just five more days from now on) that will make your special someone’s crops never whiter again! Wow! There’s a catch, though: the Unwither Ring can only be sent as a gift and not purchased by you for yourself, and the price is pretty high: 250 FarmVille cash, or a bit over $40!

If you however decide that there’s someone special in your life who deserves the Unwither Ring, you can access it in the FarmVille Marketplace under the Decorations tab and send it to that person. You can also customize your Unwither Ring as you can see below, choosing the material (gold or platinum) and the gem that will be on it (Diamond, Saphire, Ruby etc):


Then, you select your friend, write a message and spend 250 FV cash. It’s that simple but the value of this gift is indeed huge.

Which makes me really curious – will you buy the Unwither Ring?