valentines-day-farmville-uniA new early update (probably from Zynga to make up for the late one last week) has added some really cool features, including the FarmVille Valentines Box – something similar to the Christams Tree, but with a twist, of course! Check out the article below to find out the still-updating details about FarmVille’s Valentines Box!

So… what is the Valentines Box? A special new decorative item received by everybody for free from Zynga, one in which you can store the “love” from your friends.

The official description explains: “Send and receive Valentines and then trade them in for Limited Edition Valentine’s Day decorations! Compare your Valentines collection to your friends’ by visiting the Comparisons page. Can you collect more than they can?”

valentines-box3As you can see in the image of the Valentines Box (click to enlarge!), you can collect up to six decorations depending on the number of Valentines received. You can collect the Valentines Box decorations for receiving 10 Valentines, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 150!

So how do you get more Valentines? Well, you ask your FarmVille neighbors and friends by clicking the Ask for love button which can be accessed by clicking the Valentines Box. Therefore, you need a lot of neighbors which are active and send you valentines to get all the prizes.

Which are the prizes from the Valentines Box? At the moment, I don’t know the answer to that question, but if you do, please let us all know in the comment section below.

Happy Valentines Day and have fun in FarmVille!

UPDATE: I have some really cool news! I’ve found out most of the Valentines Box decorations you can trade in, listed below:

for 10 Valentines, you get a new animal (!!!), the Love Ewe!
for 20 Valentines, Giant Teddy
for 30 Valentines, Pigs in Love
for 40 Valentines, Pecking Ducks
for 50 Valentines, 3 Hearts Fountain
For 150 Valentines, ???

Also, you are rewarded for sending Valentines to your friends (even though you’re limited to 10 Valentines sent per day, so choose your friends carefully!). Here is an image of the process of sending Valentines to the friends’ Valentines box.
As you can see, you can win such rewards as Mystery Gifts (not Boxes!), 1/5 fuel refills, free XP, coins or a pink cow!