Fighting has just become more brutal in Mafia Wars as a new feature has been released by Zynga to help us battle our enemies faster and in more effective ways: the Power Attack, a super combo strike that sends anybody to the ground. As long as you have the stats.

What is this Power Attack in Mafia Wars? Well, it’s actually a series of five attacks in a row, at the cost of just one click. But it consumes stamina (and offers rewards) as if there were 5 attack made. Pretty cool, really, meaning that those with lots of stamina won’t have to click the attack button as often as they would’ve and instead they’ll go for the Power Attack.

However, there seems to be a drawback to the new Mafia Wars Power Attack function: if it happens for you to ice the victim during your five attacks, you get the rewards for just one attack. But this certainly doesn’t matter too much for those who are going for the new icy achievements.

Except for that, the Power Attack has no hidden bonuses or attributes and it does not make your attacks stronger or weaker. It’s simply a feature to reduce spam clicking in Mafia Wars. And I’ll take it!