At the beginning of the week I wrote a preview of the Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain event that was going to debut this weekend and today, as promised, I’m offering you all the information needed to make your experience with the newly released feature perfect – with this guide to Treasure Isle’s Fire God Mountain!

So, how to get inside the Fire God Mountain volcano?
Simply click on your maps icon and select the Tiki Isles from the world map. Scroll left to see the original Tiki Isles map and click the icon to enter the volcano. Please note that you need 5 tubes of SPF-3000 (you start up with 5 tubes).

Once inside, your goal is to find the indicated number of treasures in the least number of digs possible. You’ll have to use your inspiration to find the treasure and take advantage of the Treasure Isle Dig Hints. Here’s what they mean:

Treasure Nearby: treasure is 2 tiles away
Treasure Really Close: treasure is 1 tile away

Use your strategy to find the treasures in as few digs as possible to receive tons of coins as rewards!

Once you find the hidden treasure in the level, the portal opens and you can go deeper down the Volcano. As rumored before, there are 14 levels and the maximum depth you can reach is 2,500 m underground.

Also, cheating the Fire God Mountain is also quite difficult since no level looks like another, so trying to ask a friend where the treasure was hidden and digging the same spot will give you no results. Also, it would’ve ruined the entire gameplay, and we don’t want that to happen. Especially since Leaderboards will be added. Once in the mountain, your neighbor ladder will turn into a leader ladder that shows how your friends are doing.

Here are some tips and tricks to do well in the Fire God Mountain:

– divide the maps into squares and only dig in the middle of an area of 25 squares. This way, you will make sure you’ll get the Treasure Nearby message as soon as possible.
– Use regular fruits as well as lava mangos in order to refill your energy
– even though you should finish a dungeon in the least number of clicks, you should not worry if you don’t: you can still find coins, fruits and other goodies except for the treasures
– don’t lose faith: the game will freeze and you’ll have to start over. So make sure you have enough SPF-3000.

What tips would you share for a perfect experience in the Fire God Mountain?