Zynga added another type of mystery bag in Mafia Wars over the weekend. Starting last June 26, Mystery Animals will be available as Free Gifts. Now players have three mystery bags that they can gift to their mafia members. Aside from the new Mystery Animals, there’s the normal Mystery Bag and the Red Mystery Bag.

There are nine kinds of Animals that you can loot from a Mystery Animal. What you need to aim for is the rare King Cheetah (21 attack 42 Defense).

There are three uncommon animals from the Mystery Animals, which are:
Electric Eel (36 Attack 20 Defense)
Kangaroo (30 Attack 29 Defense)
Piranha (23 Attack 35 Defense)

Lastly, there are five common animals which have the highest droprate. These are:
Arabian Leopard (20 Attack 16 Defense)
Badger (17 Attack 19 Defense)
Buffalo (25 Attack 12 Defense)
Cassowary (18 Attack 18 Defense)
Dingo (13 Attack 24 Defense)

Although the King Cheetah is a rare drop, most players got it from opening their first Mystery Animal. Just like the other mystery bags, you can only gift one per player per day. And if you sent a Mystery Animal, you can’t send that player a Red Mystery Bag or a normal Mystery Bag. So choose wisely when sending.