There’s a new varmint recently introduced in Frontierville. You might be surprised to find a Fox when feeding your chickens. But unlike the other pests in the game, the fox can gobble up your geese and chickens if you don’t clobber it fast enough.

Now there are four animals that you can hunt in Frontierville. These are groundhogs, bears, snakes and foxes. These can bring in extra coins and collectibles when you clobber them. If you got extra energy, you can go hunt for them.

Groundhogs appear when you harvest crops. Bears hide behind big trees. Cut them down and they will appear. Snakes are found under rocks, skulls or grasses. Clear the ground and they will go out of their hiding place.

Clobbering, or scaring as in the case of bears, takes two to five clicks on the varmint. Each time they are clobbered they give out bonus coins and/or food. Once they are totally clobbered you’ll get more bonus coins, food, and a collectible.

Completing a collection will reward additional bonuses. Groundhog collection gives four energy, Snake collection gives 40 Food and Apple Tree, Bear collection gives one clothing and Animal Ready Boost, and the Fox collection gives a goose and 25 XP.