The new Lighting Stove in Cafe World is the best stove ever released in the game and I’m sure you’d like to have your Cafe filled with these! I’m going to help you a little bit by sharing with you the gift links for the materials needed to build the Cafe World Lighting Stove. Simply share these links to your friends and you’ll have the items in no time!

Since you need 10 of each of the following items, start using the links ASAP, especially since Zynga might bring them down sooner or later!

Cafe World Science Book Link: click here

Cafe World Tesla Coil Link: click here

Cafe World Flux Switch Link: click here

Cafe World Vacuum Tube Link: click here

Using these Lighting Stove parts gift links will certainly get you ahead in the game, so don’t forget to share the article with all your friends, using the buttons below!

How many Lighting Stoves do you have already?

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