Zynga is holding a new fundraiser, this time in FishVille in order to help with the tragic event that made tons of oil spill into the ocean, dangerously affecting all animal (and not only) life in the area. Therefore, you can buy a Gulf Coast Turtle in the game and 50% of the money will go to support the Gulf Coast recovery efforts.

The biggest problem now is – as always – the fact that Zynga only gives 50% for charity, which is something many people are criticizing. Either way, at least the social games developer is doing something and that’s obviously better than nothing, even though in the process they’ll get quite a few extra bucks in their pockets.

There are two donations you can go for in FishVille for the Gulf Coast by purchasing the Gulf Coast Turtle: 25 Sand Dollars (5 USD) or 200 Sand Dollars (around 35 USD). Also, you can make all your friends aware of the fundraiser by sharing the lost baby Golf Coast turtle with them, letting them know that they can too help protect and restore the Gulf.

Will you be buying a Gulf Coast Turtle to help with the Oil Spills in the Gulf?


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