It was a much sought-after feature and it was a pain waiting for it to be released, but it’s finally here: we now have the option to rotate the buildings in FarmVille, which means that finally we’ll be allowed to really customize our virtual farms just like we want!

In order to celebrate this amazing update, Zynga also released a bunch of new buildings (listed below) plus a host of old classics that are available, again, for purchase for a limited time – you can check them out in the Marketplace. Until then, here’s the list of new FarmVille buildings that can be rotated too:

– Modern Home (36 FV cash)
– Mumbai Home (27 FV cash)
– Museum (65 FV cash)
– Restaurant (42 FV cash)

Unfortunately, for some of you this news isn’t perfect. There are a bunch of buildings that can’t be rotated and the list can be read below (thanks to FarmVille Fanatic for the list):

– Stone Cottage
– Clock Tower
– Amber Pavilion
– Weathervane Home
– Green Gazebo
– Deluxe Tool Shed
– Mini Greenhouse
– Water Mill
– Market Stall-for all crops
– Island Resort
– Observation Dome
– Tuscan Barn
– Tuscan Tool Shed
– Adobe Barn
– Adobe Tool Shed
– Modern Barn
– Modern Tool Shed
– Meditation Center
– Egg Home
– Little Egg Home
– Big Egg Home
– Mini Tower
– Leaning Tower
– Provencal Shed
– Shamrock Barn
– Shamrock Shed
– Maison
– Provencal Barn
– Deluxe Lodge
– Wedding Gazebo
– Lodge
– Chicken Coop
– Horse Stable
– Nursery Barn
– Botanical Garden
– Flower Shed
– Dairy Farm
– Cowprint Dairy Farm
– Red Barn
– Pink Barn
– Black Barn
– Blue Barn
– White Barn
– Groovy Barn
– Weathered Barn
– Cowprint Barn
– Rest Tent
– Tool Shed
– Pink Tool Shed
– Green Tool Shed
– Cowprint Shed
– Cowprint Silo
– Japanese Pagoda
– Haunted House
– Carnival Tent
– Ticket Booth
– Ferris Wheel
– Igloo
– Mini Pagoda
– Dutch Windmill
– Mini Windmill
– Irish Castle

What do you think about this new feature and especially the huge list of buildings that still can’t be rotated in FarmVille?