High-level players have a bunch of new crops to plant and harvest on their FarmVille farms after tonight’s game update. The new crops are Lemon Balm, Oats, Posole Corn, Bamboo and Saffron and you need to be at least level 50 to be able to plant them. Below you’ll find all the details you need about all these new crops.

Lemon Balm – you need to be level 50 to unlock them and also pay 200,000 coins for a permit. Each Lemon Balm costs 230 to plant, it’s ready to be harvested in 6 hours and gives you 290 coins and 1 XP
Oats – you need to be level 53 to unlock the new crop and also pay 220,000 coins for a permit. Oats cost 225 coins to purchase, it’s ready in 8 hours and gives you 310 coins and 1 XP after harvest
Posole Corn – unlocks at level 54 and you must have three mastery start in Corn. Posole Corn seeds cost 280 coins to purchase and are ready in 12 hours. Each plot gives 370 coins and 1 XP.
Bamboo – unlocks at level 60 and you also need a permit for 300,000 coins. It costs 420 coins to purchase, it’s ready to harvest in 16 hours and gives 550 coins and 2 XP.
Saffron– unlocks at level 64 and you also need a permit for 320,000 coins. Saffron costs 365 coins, it’s ready to harvest in 10 hours and yields 450 coins plus 1 XP.

What do you think about these new crops in FarmVille? Do you meet the requirements to start planting them?