Expensive FarmVille Decor: Silo Home, Wind Turbine

Expensive FarmVille Decor: Silo Home, Wind Turbine

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the article about the new FarmVille animals, Zynga has released a major update today, especially for the high level players with tons of coins in their pockets. Except for the animals, we also have some new decorative buildings in FarmVille and we’re going to talk about them below.

Silo Home – this is the first building you’ll be allowed to purchase if you have the money. 1 million coins, to be precise, and you’ll also get 10,000 XP for purchasing and a nice looking home to put next to your Villa. You also need to be level 65 to have it unlocked under the buildings tab

Wind Turbine – this little baby “only” costs 1.5 million coins and will certainly become a nice addition for those farms that can afford to keep one running. You can find it under the Decorations tab in the Market

Please note that both buildings are decorative only (meaning that they don’t do anything), but they certainly look good on any farm.

Do you have the required level or coins to purchase them?