Zynga brought in a huge FarmVille update today, one that will be loved by the players of higher levels and definitely by those with tons of cash on their hand. Amongst the goodies released by Zynga for FarmVille, we have three new animals, all of which can be purchased for regular coins: Saddleback Pig, Arapawa Goat and Belted Cow.

I’m sure you want to know all the details about these three new FarmVille animal (you can check them out in the image in the upper left corner), so let’s start with the Saddleback Pig. This new pig costs 300,000 coins and it’s ready to harvest in 2 days – we still don’t know the amounts yet, but you certainly have to be over level 35 in order to have access to it.

The Arapawa Goat costs 500,000 coins and it’s ready to harvest in 2 days – but you must be Level 55 to purchase it

Finally, the Belted Cow costs an incredible 1,000,000 coins and it’s there for players level 75 or above. It is ready to be harvested in 1 day, but I’m sure that players won’t keep this little jewel in the barn!

What do you think about these three new animals in FarmVille? Will you afford to get some?