borderlands-smallBorderlands is one of the must buy games to be released in October – and there’s even more to have from Gearbox’s RPG/FPS hybrid, especially if you prefer playing your games on a home computer rather than a console!

The game has gone gold, which means that it will hit retail as planned, on October 26 and it’s prepared to take the world by storm. The nicest thing is that the game will also get released via Steam and the folks at Valve decided to offer a very interesting special deal that takes advantage of the fact that Borderlands comes with a four-player co-op mode.

So, if you visit Borderlands’ page on Steam and it happens to have three other friends who are willing to buy the game, you can pre-order all four copies of the game and only pay for free: 134,97 bucks or $33.74 per game if you are to make the calculations. This is a very nice deal, I think, since it cuts off about $16 per game. If you also believe that this is a great deal and it happens that you have three other friends who agree, go here and place your order.

If you still need to convince some friends, you could tell then that Borderlands is an upcoming FPS/RPG hybrid set in a sci-fi world, one that will challenge you (and your friends) with tons of quests, vehicular combat and comic book-like art style characters and enemies. The game is/was developed by Gearbox, who happen to be the creators of the Brothers in Arms franchise and the developers of several Half Life games and co-developers of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. In other words – a pretty impressive recommendation card!