empire-tw-rigSega, as part of their The 7 Days of SEGA celebration of quality gaming, are offering a lucky winner one custom made, Empire Total War-branded, high spec personal computer. You have to act quick (the contest begins and ends today), but you might be having a much more pleasant weekend than initially anticipated.

In order to enter the draw and have a chance to win Sega’s high spec PC, you must first create a Twitter account (if somehow it happens that you don’t have one) and follow Sega. Next, you will have to read this specific tweet and re-tweet it. Easy as pie! (Of course, Sega would be really pleased if you could also vote for Empire: Total War as the Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards, but it’s not a must to enter the draw).

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the day and he or she will win a Empire Total War, high spec personal computer described by Sega below:

“Custom-built Empire: Total War branded PC from Invasion-Labs. This high spec machine boasts a 1GB ATI HD 4870 graphics card, 850w PSU, and an Intel Core i7 920 processor. Hell, we’ll even throw in a copy of the Empire: Total War game. Don’t say we never give you anything.”

I say they offer quite a lot! So waste no more time (the contest ends today, October 9) and get social@ Good luck!