max-payne3-teaserMax Payne made history with its innovative (back in 2001, when it was first launched) bullet time and nowadays the feature is a must-have for all the respected shooters. This means that basing your marketing campaign for Max Payne 3 on the Bullet Time might not be such an amazing idea – but teasing it and allowing people remember who started it all is a great thing.

Apparently this is what the just-released Max Payne 3 teaser trailer does, also letting us know that times have changed a little, technology has improved a lot and overall, people got older. But they’re still badass, as Max Payne himself shows in the 30 second clip.

Strangely, the reflection on one of the bullets shows us a character that could be considered a ninja. And I say “strangely” because the game’s action will take place in South America and last time I checked they were not training a ninja army to take over the world. But probably Max knows better. Or maybe this entire teaser video is nothing but a joke or a fan-made clip… either way, it’s cool and makes us wish the game was already out.

Funnily, Max Payne 3 makes me remember Bruce Willis movies – especially the Die Hard series – which kept showing us a hero who eventually managed to look quite strange on-screen, all aged up and bald. The same can be said about Max Payne 3. He’s older, he’s balder, but still remains a hero. Can’t wait to find out more about the game!

But until then, let’s watch the teaser trailer below: