We’re all spending most of our free time (and many of us – work time) playing computer games, flash games, MMOs and socializing online that it might seem natural that the next step is to completely move inside our computers in order to make everything a lot easier for everybody!

One truly gifted gamer (and probably designer) certainly thought a lot at the possibility of living inside his computer – inside the PC’s case, to be more specific. So he started designing: he plugged in a lamp, even inserted a gumball machine near the sofa and made it all look comfy and incredibly cool. If you check out the images below, you’ll notice that a lot of attention has been paid to details… and there’s just one thing missing from the picture: a miniature computer so we can continue living our lives as we should: playing and playing and playing.

Now check out the absolutely amazing miniature design below that gives the term “home computer” a brand new meaning:


[via Freshhome]