Birds Room is a free flash game for those with good eyes. For the others, just like myself, there’s this walkthrough that will tell you all the locations of the birds, in case you’ve missed one. And I bet you did or you will! So read on this short but complete Birds Room walkthrough and find out where the birds are hiding!

1 – first scene. not zoomed in: near top of grass on left
2 – 2nd scene. not zoomed in: brownish area on grass near right edge, halfway between vase and edge of screen
3 – 1st scene. Left chair view – o n red area of carpet under chair
4 – 1st scene. back left chair – inside chair
5 – 1st scene. Click slightly to left of table leg on the right – far left black tile
6 – 1st scene. back right chair – on rug near bottom towards left
7 – 1st scene. right front chair view – in table on left, in triangle between right leg and bottom shelf
8 – 1st scene. click on table – upper left corner of screen
9 – 1st scene. click center of rug – left of chair
10 – same scene – in inventory
11 – 2nd scene. click on flowers – on grass towards left, slightly below top of screen
12 – 2nd scene. Click right of left tree on grass – yellow spot below square brick
13 – 2nd scene. Click on vase – on grass between vase and tree
14 – 1st scene. where you put the birds

Tons of kudos goes to annaby for creating this great walkthrough on EG24!