Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Beach Escape is an amazing and hugely complex escape the room game with photorealistic visuals and some really challenging puzzles. This means that you will most likely get stuck at a point or another but fortunately I have a game walkthrough for you, a step by step guide that will help you escape the Super Sneaky Spy Guy room. So read on and have fun beating the game!

Full Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Beach Escape walkthrough:

– Click the bottom of the poster on the wall to find a design. Look closely at it!
– Click the top left door of the nightstand and enter the code (745)
– Click the switch and get the key
– Take your cursor to the bottom corner of the screen (either one) to get an arrow. Click to turn around and use the key on the door
– Get the scrap of paper from the table by the white cups
– Go left by the painting and reach the living room
– Move the middle couch pillow to get the Green gem/emerald
– Get the ladder by the opening to the outside
– Go through the door to the right of the white covered chairs
– Get the white paper scrap from the small table
– Get the wrench from the right side of the counter
– Go down to the living room and go right through the door by the couch – in the kitchen go down so you are in the bathroom
– Get the red gem/ruby from the mirror on the right side of the screen
– Use the ladder to get the key by the ceiling under the left nearer skylight (place the ladder by clicking the key with it)
– Go out the door in the closet area to the kitchen again then go forward down the hall to the bedroom
– Click the bottom left door and use the wrench to remove the bolt. Get the lighter
– Turn around and enter the kitchen. Go left into the living room and then forward by the table
– In the room with the white covered chairs, click the pillar and use the key to turn off the power
– Go left to the pool view. The power is now off so you can go forward to the pool view with the chair
– Go right to the living room, then go right again
– In the second living room view, click the note on the pillar and make note of the 4 sets of shapes
– Go right to the giant spider and use the lighter to destroy it
– Enter the second living room and click the clipboard on the table to see the IVORY clue
– Go right to the second view of the dining room
– Get the paper scrap from the floor by the chair
Note you can click forward down the outside hall to see a codebox – enter the code and click the gray button

Solution to the codebox

Pass your cursor over each color to see the name of it …red, indigo, violet, yellow, and orange
Click the colors in order of the ivory clue (5 letters, 5 colors). Click the top box in the indigo for I, the second box (for second letter) in the violet for V. etc.
So IV in red, I in indigo, II in violet, V in yellow, and III in orange

– Now enter the bedroom. Turn on the light at the nightstand for the blue gem/sapphire
– Go back and now go right. Place the gems in the door lock (they only fit in one place)
– Click the door handle and enter the master bedroom. Move the blue painting on the left wall
– Click the hidden safe and enter the code to get the car keys

Solution to the safe
Click any piece of the note in your inventory to see the completed note. Use the shapes from the pillar and the note to give Roman numerals.
For example, the first box of shapes was a # and a triangle in a circle = that is III and VI according to the note.
Add them (3+6) = 9 and so on. The final code is: 9486

– Go forward through the door by the painting and find the lovely sports car
– Click it with the keys and escape

Tons of kudos for this amazing walkthrough goes to kitkatfox on EG24!